Shipping Information

Shipping on the site recently got completely overhauled. This means that shipping is done by 'zones' now, which changes things a bit.

When checking out you'll be presented with several options, and you've just gotta pick the one that corresponds to what you're buying, pretty self explanatory. For example, if you buy 1 record, you'd select the 1 record option, if you're buying 2, select 2 etc. 

Info for US customers:

TCS now has a US base of operations for shipping orders. For vinyl preorders, the records will get shipped straight from the plant to the US store. If you're ordering Merch from the US then it will be printed over there too. Anything else will be shipped by me to the US store. This will be done at the end of every month where I'll pack up any US orders and send them in a box to the US store. This means they will take over a month to arrive with you so please be patient. Once they're shipped from the US store you'll get tracking info.