TCS 002: Heavens Die - Unnoticed and Unmissed 10"

£16.00 - £100.00
TCS 002: Heavens Die - Unnoticed and Unmissed 10"

This EP was one of the things that made me wanna start a label, I remember listening to it in the winter after it came out and just being so blown away every single time. Fast forward like 3 years and it still has the same impact. We did it on tape for our second ever release, and about a year ago I was listening on the way to the work and thought it just needed a vinyl release - and here we are!

Unnoticed and Unmissed 10"

This 10" features the 5 original tracks from the EP, as well as the Theme From Unnoticed and Unmissed at the end of side B.

Green with smoke /88
Crystal clear /101
Orange /113 (BBMA exclusive)
Mystery alt cover /30 (These are on the crystal)
Test Bundle /3 (Includes all colours, an alt cover and a test press)

These are in hand and shipping immediately.
US and Euro orders will be boxed up in a week or so and sent out to Gunther and Adam. I'd expect them in roughly a month or so.